Should I Outsource My Payroll Services Or Do it Myself?

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Unless you’re an accountant, you did not get into business to spend all your time managing your books or doing payroll service. If you plan on growing your business, however, you will need to commit your time running your business. Payroll activities are critical for your small business. After all, a paid employee is usually a happy employee and your small business runs much better when employees are happy.

If you are tired of spending countless hours tabulating operate hours and calculating payroll, you can find quite a alternatives. The very first choice is payroll outsourcing or payroll services firm to handle payroll for you. The other choice is buying software package that speeds up the payroll process such as Quickbooks or Microsoft Money. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two selections.


Price is commonly the most important consideration for smaller and mid-size enterprises, specifically in a recession economy as we have now. Startup companies, and small mom and pop type stores, should consider doing it themselves if costs are prohibitive. Payroll services can cost more $100 a month and can be even greater if you require specialized help.

Accounting software can start at $80 each year and can climb to the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Like most things in life, you pay for what you get but most companies do not need specialized features. Quickbooks is a great all around program for those just starting a business. But whatever software you choose, make certain you might have a chance to try any application prior to purchasing it.


Payroll information is required to be kept secure under federal law. Little firms and solo-accountants aren’t most likely to have the same level of protection as big firms and computer system systems might be vulnerable to hackers or data losses. If you are considering payroll outsourcing or small firm, make certain you ask about their security and back-up systems.

Assuming you’ve adequate security measures for your computer system, including firewalls, secure information back-ups and 128-bit password encryption, using an in-house application is often a reasonably secure way to handle payroll. You’ll know exactly who has access for your records and no info desires to become transmitted across the Web.


The most time effective choice is to hire an accountant or payroll outsourcing. You’ll still have to spend time to keep your payroll assistant or accountant up to date and gather the information they need, but you’ll save hundreds of hours of work.

Software package can also save you substantial amounts of time by automating payroll activities. However you might want to keep in mind that learning the software will take some time as well, and you still will have to spend time entering the data.


Only you will be able to decide what route to go. Each small business is unique and while payroll outsourcing program is generally an efficient, cost-saving payroll solution for most little and mid-size businesses, you might discover that you just enjoy the freedom and expertise of hiring an accountant or payroll service.

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