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Should I Outsource My Payroll Services Or Do it Myself?

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Unless you’re an accountant, you did not get into business to spend all your time managing your books or doing payroll service. If you plan on growing your business, however, you will need to commit your time running your business. Payroll activities are critical for your small business. After all, a paid employee is usually a happy employee and your small business runs much better when employees are happy.

If you are tired of spending …

What are my payroll tax obligations?

A state tax, which an employer or owner of an organization withholds on account of their employees. Payroll tax depends on the wages of the employees, working in an organization. Depending on the state where you are live, though every State and Federal authority receives payroll taxes.

Business owners may be accountable for payroll taxes if the total amount of wages, paid throughout Australia surpassed the state set payroll tax. In that case, an employer is …